At the Beginning

Coming from a background in fast moving consumer goods distribution, we noticed retailers were largely unserviced by the logistics industry. Managing retail inventory with a high number of unique products is challenging. Retail operations that require quick and frequent replenishments need a responsive fulfilment process.

In 2007, the founders established Whitebox – Retail Logistics Specialist – to provide industry specific services for small and medium sized retail businesses. The goal was simple – to provide scalable solutions across a spectrum of logistics services to enable retail businesses to mirror backend costs against retail sales & turnover.

The Evolution

Over the years, we uncovered an inherent bottleneck in retail logistics. One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is the lack of inventory visibility. Relying on Stock and Sales reports that are a day old was not good enough anymore. We realised this was costing retailers time, resources, and was highly inefficient.

Since 2010, we began to marry the use of different technologies into our backend systems and retail floor systems to plug this bottleneck – the need for consolidated real-time inventory and order information across all sales touch points, and multiple warehouse. But it did not stop there….

The rise of Internet commerce has changed the world. Digital technology has changed the way consumers make purchases. Consumers today do not differentiate between purchasing products from a retail shop, or through the Internet. This has resulted in many new digital sales channels, which inherently increases the complexity of retail logistics to be able to respond to the needs of e-commerce.

Logistics + Technology + Data

Our mantra has evolved since we started operations almost 10 years ago. Today, we see inventory through the eyes of our customers – across all sales touch points, online and offline. We believe in the use and integration of technology to the fullest extent, to provide transactional visibility, and to centralise and facilitate seamless flow of information, so that you can stay ahead of the curve while being lean, nimble and responsive to the needs of your customers.

It has taken us many years to put together a reliable system which is simple, yet powerful for retailers and we don’t expect you to be able to pull it off immediately. Combined with our extensive range of services, you’ll find yourself with an end-to-end solution that will transform your retail operations through reliable, close loop fulfilment processes and predictable service levels.

We will continue to tinker and improve our speed, accuracy and efficiencies. We are dedicated to our cause, and we truly believe in enabling retail businesses, start ups and brands alike, to improve their bottom line by providing affordable, scalable and integrated solutions to meet today’s challenges.




Replenish stocks to multiple retail locations and fulfil e-commerce and e-marketplace orders all through a single vendor using one master inventory. All orders are fulfilled the next working day.


We take care of your shipments even before they arrive. Store and manage your products easily – Inbound, Outbound and Returns with scalable solutions through low and peak seasons.


Power your sales through multi-user access to inventory and orders in real-time. Track inbound shipments, outbound store and customer orders with progressive milestones from click to delivery.


Get a consolidated view of your inventory across all sales touch points – offline and online, that is synchronised to your master inventory. Balance and trim stock holdings to improve turnover.


Better organise and manage your retail operations with predictable service levels. Never miss a sale with reliable on-time deliveries and accurate order fill rates that keep your customers satisfied.


We have pre-integrated leading e-commerce and e-marketplace platforms to INSYT so that order fulfilment is automated with up-to-the minute response times to your customer’s orders.



We design our internal processes carefully. We implement checks and verifications to each process – we assume nothing. We measure processes by the minute, and pay attention to details. We think in terms of potential errors, and we act by closing the gaps. We invest in technology to the fullest, to improve speed and accuracy. Most importantly, we measure internal performance to deliver predictable service levels.