At Whitebox, we are retail logistics specialist that focus only on the retail industry, providing cross border and multi channel fulfilment solutions for B2B and B2C retailers.


There are a lot of vendors that do what we do. They share the same what and how, but our first customer is still with us, and those who left, found their way back. We are engineers first, then master technicians of process and result. We do this day-in, day-out, tinkering, tightening, the tools of our trade to deliver what matters most to you – speed and accuracy.


Great isn’t good enough


Minute details


Service matters


At the Beginning

Coming from a background in consumer goods distribution, we noticed retailers were largely unserviced by the logistics industry. Managing retail inventory with a high number of unique products is challenging. Retail operations that require quick and frequent replenishments need a responsive fulfilment process.

In 2007

We established Whitebox – Retail Logistcs Specialist – to provide industry specific services for small and medium sized retail businesses. The goal was simple – to provide scalable solutions across a spectrum of logistics services to enable retail businesses to mirror backend costs against retail sales & turnover.

The Evolution

Over the years, we uncovered an inherent bottleneck in retail logistics. One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is the lack of inventory visibility. Relying on Stock and Sales reports that are a day old was not good enough anymore. We realised this was costing retailers time, resources, and was highly inefficient.

Retail Technology

Since 2010, we began to marry the use of different technologies into our backend systems and retail floor systems to plug this bottleneck – the need for consolidated real-time inventory and order information across all sales touch points, and multiple warehouse. But it did not stop there….

Internet Commerce

The rise of Internet commerce changed the way consumers make purchases. Consumers today do not differentiate between purchasing from a retail shop, or through the Internet. This has resulted in many new digital sales channels, which inherently increases the complexity of retail logistics.

Multi Channel Visibility

Our mantra has evolved since then. Today, we see inventory through the eyes of our customers – across all sales touch points, online and offline. We believe in the use and integration of technology to the fullest extent, to provide multi channel inventory visibility, and to centralise the flow of data and goods.