We strive to meet your preferred delivery window. And we almost always, get it right.

Our track record of 97% next day deliveries far exceeds the average industry performance benchmarks. We achieve this through meticulous daily forward planning and seasonal preparation.

Using a mix of low, medium and high capacity vehicles, we actively balance vehicular load and capacity through our Transport Management System, thereby extending economies of scale to your transportation cost.


All deliveries can be tracked in real-time online. Simply login to INSYT to determine the exact location of your order en-route to your destination, and its approximate arrival time.


We have gone completely digital! Recipients simple acknowledge receipt of a delivery by signing on the delivery driver’s smartphone.

Say goodbye to filing physical records. The electronic Proof of Delivery will be emailed to you the instant the delivery is completed. Alternatively, you can retrieve the records through our depository on the cloud.



Depending on the shipping method for each order, the order will be routed to one of our transport partners; the local post, local courier or international express couriers.

We deliver your order right to the door of any physical point-of-sale location; shops, counters, kiosks and even to your end customers. The same applies for Transfers and Returns.

Our experience in performance planning factors in the probabilities of delays based on location, time-of-day, weather, congestion, loading bay limitations, with built-in buffer time.

We work with our clients to establish lead times needed to fulfil high volume orders before certain seasonal periods or large scale events to meet the strict delivery deadlines.

We take each delivery discrepancy seriously. Any shortage, excess or incorrect items are resolved within 24 hours without penalty. We track and measure order accuracy as one of our cornerstone performance benchmarks.