Whether your shipment is arriving over land, by air, or by sea, our expertise will guide you through the complexities of importation.

Shipping from multiple suppliers can be challenging without a knowledgeable and neutral party to cut through the obstacles. You can count on our pre-shipment advisory to save time, and cost.

Prior to the arrival of your cargo, we will liaise with the relevant government agencies and authorities to prepare your shipper and your business to provide the necessary documentation, permits and licenses required for a smooth importation process.

Once your shipment arrives, we work quickly to have your permits processed, duties and taxes paid, and liaise with carriers and vendors to release your shipment in the shortest time, avoiding costly delays.



Buying from multiple suppliers in different locations? Count on us to consolidate your cargo into a single shipment and find the most cost effective shipping method to reduce cost.

Leverage on our experience and prepare the required permits, licenses, certificates and documentation prior to cargo arrival to avoid costly delays.

We will direct and assist your business to obtain the necessary approvals from the correct government agencies.

We will prepare and submit the correct and complete information to Customs for import declaration through the government e-systems.

We will process and make payment for Goods and Services Tax (GST), Port Fees, Carrier Fees etc on your behalf, in a timely manner to secure the release of your shipment.