We focus on getting your order fulfilled fast.

Once you create an order and it is received by INSYT, we begin to process your order to meet your preferred delivery schedule.

And this is happening in real-time.


Items are picked in the most efficient manner – using advance system algorithms. System generated pick sequences ensure the most efficient picking route.

Each completed pick task is checked again before the items are packed. This is to ensure order accuracy, which at WhiteBox, is considered the most important aspect of our job.


Your inventory under our care is our responsibility. We do not stinge on packing materials – we view it as an investment to protect your goods. You can rest assured that your items are well protected and will reach its destination in good condition.



Our storage protocol places each SKU into a single location. Each pick task is scanned against its location barcode, which dramatically reduces picking errors.

Each completed pick task is physically and visually double checked against the pick list. Incorrect items are replaced before packing.

We ensure all items undergo final visual inspection for physical marks or damages that would render a product unsuitable for sale.

We exercise care using protective materials such as outer corner guards to protect against handling damage and use the right handling equipment like roller cages to protect your goods from movement damage.

E-Commerce orders are susceptible to damage while in transit. We use appropriate outer and inner protective packing materials to safeguard products from the vigor of transportation.