Maximise your premium merchandising space and return out of season stock, slow moving products, post event inventory, or even non-sale merchandise such as mannequins and furniture.

We manage your returns just as efficiently as your deliveries. Simply place a Return Order through INSYT, and we will collect your returns for processing at the warehouse.

All returns marked as damaged will be processed and set aside, while the rest of the items will be inventorised back into the system.


We know customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of your success. Our experience in returns management keeps the process tight, simple and organised, ensuring you are updated and informed of the status.

We recommend installing our Returns Management Authorisation (RMA) module on your online shop, to guide your customers through the process and to
document and track the return.

We manage this process following your returns policy while keeping an eye out for fraudulent returns. You can expect a quick resolution to keep your customers happy, build trust and loyalty.


Returns are checked against the Returns Notification to validate the return. You will be alerted if we receive returns without prior notification.

All returned items will be inspected to ascertain the nature of the claim against your return policy. Any returns not adhering to your policy will be set aside and you will be notified.

Validated returns are processed and inventorised into storage. Failed returns will be held awaiting further instructions and resolution.

Damaged items are documented and set aside for further action, awaiting your instructions for the next course of action; claims, repairs, write-offs or disposal.

Returns that qualify for exchanges will be processed immediately. A replacement item will be sent out by the next working day with follow up notifications.