When your cargo arrives at our warehouse, your concern is in making sure that what has arrived is what you ordered, and it is in good order.

The first thing we do is to ensure that the contents received are the items stated in your documents. We help you achieve this by checking every item against your Packing List or Delivery Order.

We don’t want anything to be missing, so we’ll break it down to check for:

• The Correct Item
• The Correct Quantity
• Any Physical Damage

This is all done at the level of inventory control you need – be it at the pallet level, carton level or even right down to SKU level.

From there, all items will be registered and inventorised in our systems, and putaway to storage. You will be notified via a Receiving Report once the task is complete, and have instant access to your inventory online.

We believe in getting it right. We deploy the highest level of care and attention to details to give you peace of mind, and it has earned us a reputation you can count on.



We ensure the right equipment is on hand to handle and unload your cargo quickly with due care to avoid any cargo damage.

Upon receiving, each item and its respective quantity is tallied against the packing list. Damaged, Short or Excess items are set aside for additional processing and handling.

Missing tiems, short or excess quantities are double checked and recorded in the Receiving Report.

Based on your quality assessment criteria, any damaged items are weeded out and set aside. Damaged item are recorded in the Receiving Report.

Each item is checked for its dimension and weight, while other parameters such as colour, size and material are recorded. These items are then putaway and recorded in our systems.