INSYT Software – Retail Business Management

Unified Inventory Across All Sales Channels

INSYT connects all your sales channels, physical stores and online shops, through smart integration. With a unified view of your sales, orders and inventory from a single platform, get the big picture of your retail business in real-time.

True Inventory Visibility

Real-Time Data Synchronisation

Real-Time Data Synchronisation

Knowing what you have on hand across all retail point of sales helps you make better and faster business decisions each and every day.
Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Your master inventory is always synchronised between your physical and online shops. Stop allocating stock and never miss a sale.
Full Service Solution

Full Service Solution

Instantly track every order, dispatch and delivery in real-time. Take back the time you lost trying to stay on top of inventory movements.


INSYT is a pioneering logistics solution for the retail industry. This cloud based order and inventory management platform tracks and manages stock movement and store assets across all sales touch points. It is fully integrated with WhiteBox’s back end systems, and hosted on Amazon Web Services. The platform is a zero investment productivity tool that helps you streamline retail operations with little effort. It provides 24/7 real-time inventory visibility, giving you the freedom to move, balance and optimise inventory between sales locations. It’s easy to manage sales, orders and inventory across all retail touch points in real-time. Replenish merchandise, transfer stock between stores, return products to the warehouse, or even place a sales order. All with a click of a button. Always know when your orders will be fulfilled. Track your deliveries, transfers, returns and international parcels in real-time. Look up product information or stock availability at the warehouse and across all sales touchpoints.

Key Features at a Glance

With an internet connection, simply log into INSYT on the cloud and start placing orders and access your inventory. Work across time zones and manage your inventory remotely.

Create unlimited sub accounts for anyone in your organisation. Assign various access rights for each user and delegate operational responsibilities.

Replenish stocks to shops, transfer stocks between shops, or return stocks to our warehouse. Simply select the location, products and quantity, and submit your order.

Automatically create back orders for incoming inventory. Once your stocks arrive, back orders will be fulfilled and dispatched immediately, reducing time to shelf.

E-commerce orders pending payment are held back waiting for approval. Upon receiving payment, simply select and approve the order for immediate fulfilment.

View all pending or historical orders through a set of filters on one screen. Drill down to analyse user submissions, urgent orders, order locations, patterns and frequencies.

INSYT provides real-time inventory data the moment your products are lifted from the shelves, to when new stocks are placed on the shelves.

All orders placed on INSYT can be tracked in real-time. View progressive order status milestones as the order undergoes each process. Eliminated phone calls, and get instant updates.

Track your parcel shipments across our nominated courier partners. Just enter the airway bill number, and see instant parcel status information.

Arm your retail sales personnel with instant product information. Enter a product code and view product attributes or stock availability at the warehouse and across all sales locations.

It’s easy to stay on top of your inventory. Set minimum stock levels for any products and receive real-time notifications when product quantity is depleted.

View your inventory and stock levels anyway you want to. Create custom filters to analyse inventory by any combination of product attributes.



Point of Sales Platforms

INSYT can be integrated with most POS systems to provide a bird’s eye view of your entire inventory holdings. Now you can track inventory in any store location, from the moment it is received, right till it makes its way into a sale.


Connect your online shop to INSYT for real-time inventory synchronisation with your master inventory and seamless order fulfilment. INSYT is pre-integrated with leading e-commerce platforms. It is simple to connect or even setup a new online shop.

E-Marketplace Platforms

Now you can fully integrated your online retail presence to a single platform. INSYT is compatible with any e-marketplace with ready API connectivity. Connect multiple e-marketplace stores to INSYT and centrally manage your orders and inventory.



With a single inventory feed, enter your product information once and INSYT automatically creates and updates products on every channel, based on the rules you configure. Manually updating and overselling is a thing of the past. INSYT automatically syncs and updates changing quantities across your online sales channels and allows you to take control of your inventory