Multi Modal Freight

Time is critical. Leverage on our experience to find the fastest or most economical shipping method to meet your priorities

Whether your cargo is shipped by air or sea, liaising with multiple vendors and carriers, getting shipments from multiple sources to multiple destinations, while trying to meet delivery schedules can become unmanageable. With our freight management expertise, we help you deal with it all – and take the pain out of managing your shipments.

We know that, sometimes, you could use a bit of help in dealing with the unexpected. You can count on us to stay on top of your chain of vendors, Customs, shipment damage and insurance claims to get the job done.

Whether shipping by sea or by air, we find the right vendors for you. We liaise with them on your behalf to bring you the most cost-effective rates. Need to rush an urgent shipment to your customer by air? We know just the right people for the job too.

Wherever your products need to go, we ensure they get there. Whether you need to break your goods on arrival to multiple inland destinations or partially unload goods for transhipment to another destination. We ensure the right products reach the right destinations.

Customs Clearance & Compliance

With our clear understanding of import compliance and customs regulations, let us untangle the knots

Incorrect or missing paperwork can lead to costly delays and supply chain disruptions. It is also completely preventable. We use our experience and eye for detail  to help you cut through the complexities of importation and steer clear of pitfalls. Let us help you prepare the proper documentation, and liaise with carriers, agents, Customs and the port authority for smooth and fast cargo clearance.

We’ve been doing this for years. So tap into our experience to prepare your shipment for export. The appropriate permits, licenses, certificates and documentation will ensure no delays.

Finding the right HS codes to classify your products is important. Incorrect classification will result issues and delays during importation at destination.

Every destination has its own set of laws and regulations. It is important to comply with the local standards and regulations. Count on us to get it right, and get your shipment cleared fast.

Pre-Shipment Consolidation

你好, we are local. Save more and consolidate orders from multiple suppliers in a single shipment

If your China-origin products come from multiple locations, we can put the pieces together for you before shipping. Truck your goods from multiple suppliers to our depot and consolidate it into a single shipment, or sort and ship to different destinations. Flexibility at your fingertips.

We make consolidating your shipments as simple as it can be. Simply mark your supplier deliveries with your unique account number, and we will sort out the rest when it arrives at our depot.

We have the experience to receive, break and sort deliveries from multiple suppliers, for multiple destinations. Only the right vendor can manage tight receiving and shipping schedules and yet get your shipments on the water on time.

Preparing your products for sale. Assemble, re-pack or tag your products for the retail floor even before it gets there.