Storage & Warehousing

With storage rates calculated based on actual product dimensions, pay only for what you use

We understand not all products are the same, some need specific storage environments: small parts, oversize, heavy, fragile, batch or expiry dates control, medical devices, luxury goods, electro-sensitive devices. Our warehouses are ISO 9001:2008 and GDPMDS certified. Whatever your product, we have the right environment to store and protect your products.

Pay only what you use. We physically measure the dimensions of your products, so storage costs are calculated against actual volumetric utilisation. With us, there is no extra costs for storage gaps.Your Content Goes Here

Your storage cost scales in tandem with your sales and seasonality. You enjoy smaller storage costs during low seasons when sales are slow, while maintaining the option to scale up during peaks – we place the power of flexibility in your hands.

All your products under our care are insured against theft, fire and water damage. In event of the unforeseen, we got you covered.

Inventory Management

No matter big or small. We know the complexities of retail inventory

Retail logistics is our speciality and we understand that retail inventory is different. We manage your inventory right down to the lowest denominator: style, colour, size, or any other attributes. This enables you to replenish exactly what you need, when you need it, for small, quick and frequent replenishments to keep your retail floor ready well stocked.

99%. That’s our track record. By storing each individual colour, style or size of the same product in their own respective location, we minimize picking errors that can cost you time and sales. Each pick task is is a 3-step validation process to ensure order accuracy.

Because we inventorise and store each unique product in the same shelf location. You can replenish exactly what you need by SKU, right down to style, colour, size or any other attribute.

Stock-outs cost you money and customer satisfaction. With stock alerts, always know what you have on hand at a glance, with complete freedom to move, balance and optimise your inventory with precision and ease.

Pick & Pack

We get it right, each and every time. Our track record stands at 99.5% order accuracy

Unlike most vendors, picking is a 3-step process to ensure order accuracy. Each pick task is verified and inspected before packing. Appropriate protective materials are used to ensure all items are delivered in good order. At Whitebox, is considered this process to be the most important aspect of our job.

Each completed pick task is physically and visually double checked against the pick list. What is the secret? It’s a 2 man job to minimize human error.

Before packing, all items are visually inspection for physical marks or damages, that would render a product unsuitable for sale.

All parcels are susceptible to damage while in transit. We use appropriate outer packaging and inner protective packing materials to safeguard products from the vigors of transportation.

Retail Processing

Prepare your products for sale. Put on your brand label, price tags, and more

Labelling, price tagging, barcoding, re-packing, bundling, and assembly – the unavoidable nitty gritty of retail. With our retail processing services, you can now choose to leave all of these fine details in our hands, with full assurance that even the smallest details will be looked after..

No process is the same, and each requirement is unique. You can specify how each product is to be processed – packed, labelled or tagged, and we will ensure your requirements are met.

We can meet specific requirements for EAS Security tags, RFID tags, Damage Free Tagging Pins, Multi-Line Labellers,, and many more. We fulfill your anti-theft security requirements exactly the way you want them done.

With resources on tap, we provide efficient rate of processing, predictable and timely outcomes, without compromising on the details, so your products hit to the sales floor in a shorter time.

Dispatch & Delivery

We know the importance of on-time deliveries. No surprises, no delays. Just as expected.

We strive to meet your preferred delivery window. And we almost always, get it right. Our track record of 99% next day deliveries far exceeds the average industry performance benchmarks. We achieve this through meticulous daily forward planning and seasonal preparation.


All deliveries can be tracked in real-time online. Simply login to to determine the exact location of your order en-route to your destination, and its approximate arrival time.

We have gone completely digital! Say goodbye to filing physical records. An electronic Proof of Delivery will be emailed to you the instant the delivery is completed.

We take each delivery discrepancy seriously. Any shortage, excess or incorrect items are resolved within 24 hours without penalty. We track and measure order accuracy as one of our cornerstone performance benchmarks.