Importation Services


Incorrect or missing paperwork can lead to costly delays and supply chain disruptions. It is also completely preventable. We use our experience – and eye for detail – to help you cut through the complexities of importation and steer clear of pitfalls. Let us help you prepare the proper documentation, and liaise with carriers, agents, Customs and the port authority for smooth and fast cargo clearance.

We’ve been doing this for years. So tap into our experience and receive pre-importation advice on what permits, licenses, certificates and documentation you have to prepare in advance to avoid expensive delays.
With our comprehensive understanding of essential import declaration, licensing and Customs regulations, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the required approvals from the right government agencies – before your cargo arrives.
If your cargo requires specific documentation and certificates, such as fumigation or dangerous cargo classification, we help you prepare the documents correctly before your shipment arrives. Your cargo hits the ground running at the port, ready to be released without delay.
As soon as your cargo arrives, we will facilitate payment for taxes, port fees and carrier fees on your behalf, to keep things moving swiftly along.