Inventory Management


Retail logistics is our speciality and we understand that retail inventory is different. We manage your inventory right down to the lowest denominator: style, colour, size, or any other attributes. This enables you to replenish exactly what you need, when you need it, for small, quick and frequent replenishments to keep your retail floor ready well stocked. Leverage on our 3PL warehouse & inventory management services today!

99%. That’s our track record. By storing each individual colour, style or size of the same product in their own respective location, we minimize picking errors that can cost you time and sales. Each pick task is is a 3-step validation process to ensure order accuracy.
Because we inventorise and store each unique product in the same shelf location. You can replenish exactly what you need by SKU, right down to style, colour, size or any other attribute.
Late fulfilment and stock-outs cost you money and customer satisfaction. With real-time inventory information, always know what you have on hand at a glance, with complete freedom to move, balance and optimise your inventory with precision and ease.