Product Photography

Showcase your products in the best light with accurate colours and high resolution clarity

Professional in-house studio photography for small and medium sized products. Full set of professional lighting equipment with the highest CRI to ensure colour fidelity. Standard layouts include table top, flat lay, hanging suspension and ghost mannequins. Final images will be delivered after touch ups and editing, in the resolution and size to fit your purpose. Optional add-on image clipping services to separate product from the background.

The most overlooked aspect of product photography is colour accuracy. With today’s technology, the latest mobile phones are equipped with high resolution cameras capable of producing good images. However, no camera will produce accurate colours without proper lighting and tools. We use professional cameras, 98+ CRI professional lighting and shoot with colour reference charts to ensure every product image is reproduced with true and accurate colours, and high resolution details.

It takes experience and the right lighting tools to photograph products with reflective materials like glass, chrome or glossy, metallic surfaces. where reflection is controlled and used creatively to produce attractive product images. With products like jewellery or natural materials like leather, the reverse is true…we want to capture reflection and sheen to showcase the product. You can count on our experience create the best imagery,

Most consumers ultimately base purchase decisions on the price versus quality equation. Buying online makes it difficult for your customers to touch and feel your products to access quality. To highlight intrinsic product quality features like design, fabric, stitching, softness, smoothness, freshness, we provide close up photography using professional macro lens to reproduce details and an experience comparable with touch and feel.

Creative Photography

Sell emotions with concept hero images that converts eyeballs to sales

While white background product images are mandatory, it does not convey ‘why buy’ or ‘must buy’ emotions that triggers a purchase decision. Most importantly, creative imagery creates an impression in the mind that puts your business ahead of your competitors. Creative photography use backgrounds, props, lighting and stop motion to produce imagery and context that appeals to the ‘want’ and highlights the ‘need’ to consume your product.

We take the time to work with you to understand your target customer, product features and the channels where you plan to use the hero images. We spend the time to look at your competitors. We strive to conceptualize an image style and messaging that will ‘touch the heart’ of the consumer to help you win more sales.

Most studios will deliver final images sized in standard 16:9 aspect ratio commonly use for Facebook posts. Your delight and marketing plans will be short lived when you find cropping the images for Instagram 1:1 aspect ratio or custom sized website banners don’t work well. We ask the important questions to ensure the concept, setup and layout delivered in the final images work for your intended channels.

Most of our creative photography work is carried out in the studio. For on location work, contact us for a discussion.

Product Videography

Captivate your audience with 1-minute videos showcasing product features, benefits and how-to-use

Catch the attention of your audience before losing sales to a thumb flick scrolling down a page. Do more than boring 360 turntable videos and show intrinsic product qualities or demonstrate functional benefits that static images simply cannot do. Further enhance videos with audio and narration to truly drive home your messaging.

While white background 360 degrees rotating product videos can boring, that’s not the only way to do it. Spice up 360° videos with a background, props and even creative lighting to give your video a sense of mystic, style and luxury.

With the plethora of Youtube product videos, unboxing videos remains one of the most popular type of content that potential customers seek. Simple unboxing videos serves to clearly show ‘what’s-in-the-box’ and basic ‘how-to-use’ operational functionality. It’s informative and a low cost way of boosting sales.

Think a pizza commercial oozing with cheese in slow motion… emotive videos trigger an emotional response that keep viewers engaged. Emotive videos can effectively convey positive feelings like satisfaction, comfort, pleasure derived from the use of the product.

Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

Creative and captivating visuals for your website, social media and eMarketplace product listings

Keeping your content fresh doesn’t require constant photography and videography. Put your raw product visual assets to good use through creative graphic design and editing to refresh your website banners or simply pump out engaging weekly social media post. Create attractive short clips that mimic infomercial style videos using raw visual assets, text animation, motion effects, music and audio.

Whether it’s new products, sales, promotions or simply a shout out…you need attractive banners to catch the attention of your customers. Take your banners to the next level with professional graphic design, advance editing and creativity.

An image sells a thousand words. To win your social media game, you need high quality visuals to match your content writing. Ensure your social media ads have stand out graphics to boost engagement and conversion.

As eMarketplaces get crowded, your product listings get lost in the sea of competition. Forget text only product descriptions and up your ante with visual infographics to present product information, benefits, ‘why buy’ reasons. Infographics essentially look like a landing page with attractive layout and images, embedded within your product listing page.