Retail Processing Services


Labelling, price tagging, bar coding, re-packing, bundling, and assembly – the unavoidable nitty gritty of retail. But with our retail processing services, you can now choose to leave all of these fine details in our hands, with full assurance that even the smallest details will be looked after.

No process is the same, and each requirement is unique. You can specify how each product is to be processed – packed, labelled or tagged, and we will ensure your requirements are met.
With our wide range of materials suppliers, we can meet specific requirements for EAS Security tags, RFID tags, damage free tagging pins and attachers, multi-line labellers, heat shrink wraps, and many more. We fulfill your requirements in exactly the way you want them done.
With resources on tap, we provide efficient rate of processing, predictable and timely outcomes, without compromising on the details, so you can your products to the sales floor in a shorter time.