Returns Management


Sometimes, what goes out to your stores or customers has to come back. We are here to handle your returns with speed and accuracy, be it from your physical retail stores or your e-commerce customers. Stores returns are processed and re-inventorised into the system, while e-commerce returns are validated against your return policy.

Maximise your retail merchandising space by returning out of season, slow moving products, or post event merchandise or store display furniture. Simply notify us of a return via INSYT, and you can expect next day collection and processing.
Simple and quick returns processing keep your customers coming back. We will validate and process returns and exchanges while enforcing your return policy to weed out fraudulent claims.
Managing the movement of stocks post or between events can be painful. With our experience, you can assured of a smoother and faster process, where stock is inventorised back in the system in the shortest time, ready for sale again.