Amazon FBA Shipping

Ship your products direct to multiple Amazon warehouses in a single shipment

Shipping to Amazon FBA is akin to destination unknown. Amazon decides where your products should be stocked across 100+ warehouses in the US. Don’t be caught by surprise. Work with a vendor that can import on your behalf, Customs cleared, and deliver to any warehouse on instruction fast. We are ready to tap into Amazon Supply Chain Connect, to manage your shipment behind the scene.

Importing in United Sates, can be tricky with a myriad of product compliance laws. From Federal laws to Customs regulations, don’t be caught by import compliance issues. But first, the right HS Code Classification for your products will determine the compliance requirements and import duties. Speak with us before you decide to list your products on Amazon. Our friendly advise saves you time and unforeseen expenses.

Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse can be complex. Whether you are an individual or a company, Whitebox can act as your Shipper to export your cargo, and as Consignee to import on your behalf into the US, before final delivery to Amazon warehouse.  This means we take care of  Customs formalities out of Vietnam and into the US.

From apparel to furniture, you have the option to ship by Air or Sea, in small loads, or full container. Perhaps you need an urgent or test shipment, we do that too, with major express courier companies. Take advantage of our Exclusive Rates! Save more, and let our end-to-end service deliver your shipment to any Amazon Fulfilment Center.

Amazon FBA Compliance

Pay no more for FBA penalties. Ship your products fully ‘PREP’ to FBA standards

Has your supplier failed to pack your products to meet Amazon FBA standards? FBA penalties mean lower margins and long delays. Using right type of packaging materials, strict adherence to packing rules, applying the correct labels and product codes, ensures your shipment is quickly processed by Amazon and ready for sale.

We use Amazon FBA Specified packing materials. From poly bags, to dunnage, to RSC cartons boxes, you are assured your products meet FBA standards and survive the vigors of international shipping and transportation.

With a fully trained team, and professional packing stations, we sort your cargo from multiple suppliers, according to your Shipment Pick List and pack your products, strictly adhering to FBA Prep rules. Most importantly, we apply the highest quality labels that will not fade or fall off, so your products do not get lost. This includes shipping labels for outer cartons and pallets. No mistakes, the right box delivered to the right destination.

Cartons packed loosely will cause outer boxes to collapse during shipping, causing damage to your products. We fill loose pockets of space with Air Pillows, a very light dunnage material. This will minimise chargeable weight so it cost you less to ship your products.

Fulfilment By Merchant

Expand your sales channels. Ship from our network of warehouses direct to your customers

Are FBA fees eating into your profits? Or thinking about expanding your sales beyond Amazon? We make fulfilment outside FBA simple and manageable. Ship and store inventory in one of our network warehouses, and we will fulfil your orders as soon as it is received. Expect the same service levels as with FBA, with more flexibility to help growth your business.

Win more customers with quick delivery time. By holding inventory in the US, your products are Customs Cleared, ready for sale. This is how you have an edge over other international sellers.

Fulfilment from your home country gives you the flexibility to sell domestically and internationally from the same inventory. With slower moving products, you protect your margins with lower operating cost.

Sourcing from China? It makes sense to fulfil and ship your orders from China directly to your customers. But how do you ensure consistent service levels from your vendor? We are local, in 中国 and in Việt Nam. Simply talk to us, and we take care of the rest.

USPS Ground Shipping

Ship your orders in bulk into USA, and get your parcels delivered by the postman

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the national postal service in United States. USPS is the most cost-effective shipping method for lighter-weight items. Why? USPS does not apply dimensional weight divisor, unlike all other express courier companies.  If your products are under 1 kgs, talk to us to take advantage of USPS Domestic Delivery from Vietnam.

Shipping zones are geographical areas grouped by zip codes. Carriers use shipping zones to measure the distance a package travels, from the point of origin to the destination. In the United States, there are a total of 8 postal zones. Shipping cost is calculated by the number of zones, from Zone 1 to Zone 8 for domestic shipments.

USPS has a range of shipping services for types of products. Each service has different delivery times. Choose from Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail,  First-Class Mail, USPS Retail Ground, and Media Mail. Learn more >

Keep your customers informed of their deliveries with tracking numbers. USPS offers parcel tracking, just like any other carriers.