Amazon FBA Shipping

Ship your products direct to Amazon FBA with an experienced vendor

Shipping your inventory to Amazon FBA couldn’t be easier. Ship direct to FBA or elect to use our door-to-door shipping service. For qualified product categories, we can act as Importer-On-Record (IOR) at the country of destination to give you a fuss free seamless experience. International shipping designed for Amazon Sellers, executed by an experienced Amazon Service Provider.

Importing to a foreign country, can be tricky with a myriad of product compliance laws. From Import laws to Customs regulations, don’t be caught by import compliance issues. The right HS Code Classification for your products will determine the compliance requirements and import duties. Speak with us before you ship to Amazon. Our friendly advise saves you time and unforeseen expenses.

From apparel to furniture, you have the option to ship by Air or Sea, in small loads, or full container. Perhaps you need an urgent or test shipment, we do that too, with major express courier companies. Take advantage of our Exclusive Rates! Save more, and let our end-to-end service deliver your shipment to any Amazon Fulfilment Center.

Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse can be complex. Whether you are an individual or a company, our experience help break down the complexities to give you clarity, certainty and a peace of mind that your goods will be Customs cleared without a hitch. This means we work with you to prepare your shipment, ensuring it meets local compliance before it arrives.

Amazon FBA Compliance

Get your products ‘Prep’ to Amazon FBA standards by an Amazon SPN vendor

Has your supplier failed to pack your products to meet Amazon FBA standards? Don’t get caught out time and again. We are fluent with FBA standards and use the right type of packaging materials, with strict adherence to labeling and packing rules. We ensures your shipment is quickly processed by Amazon without a hitch and ready for sale.

We use Amazon FBA Specified packing materials. From poly bags, to dunnage, to RSC cartons boxes, you are assured your products meet FBA standards and survive the vigors of international shipping and transportation.

With a fully trained team, and professional packing stations, we sort your cargo from multiple suppliers, according to your Shipment Pick List and pack your products, strictly adhering to FBA Prep rules. Most importantly, we apply the highest quality labels that will not fade or fall off, so your products do not get lost. This includes shipping labels for outer cartons and pallets. No mistakes, the right products into the right box with the right labels.

Cartons packed loosely will cause outer boxes to collapse during shipping, causing damage to your products. We fill loose pockets of space with Air Pillows, a very light dunnage material. This will minimise chargeable weight so it cost you less to ship your products.

Storage & Removals

Balance your FBA inventory and ship out removals with ease

Stay on top of your IPI score. Balance your FBA inventory with our storage solutions. Store excess inventory and replenish FBA inventory when sales increase. With online access to your inventory data, stay close to inventory across any time zone. Need your inventory shipped back to you? We do that too. So fret not, we got your back.

Manage your product sales cycles – peaks and dips, and demand seasonalities with ease. Storage on demand is what you need to keep your IPI humming. Move excess inventory out of FBA warehouse, and top up FBA inventory when sales recover.

Fret not. Send your removed inventory back to your home country or any other destination. We make it easy, ship it by air or sea, door to port. We assist to find the best economical solutions fast.

Sometimes it’s not economical to ship back removed inventory. Entrust the disposal process to professionals with no disposal leakage. All inventory (general cargo) for disposal are sent to incineration plants with full documentary proof.