3PL Storage Management


We understand not all products are the same, some need specific storage environments: small parts, oversize, heavy, fragile, batch or expiry dates control, medical devices, luxury goods, electro-sensitive devices. Our warehouses are ISO 9001:2008 and GDPMDS certified. Whatever your product, we have the right environment to store and protect your products.

Pay only what you use. We physically measure the dimensions of your products, so storage costs are calculated against actual volumetric utilisation. With us, there is no extra costs for storage gaps.
Your storage cost scales in tandem with your sales and seasonality. You enjoy smaller storage costs during low seasons when sales are slow, while maintaining the option to scale up during peaks – we place the power of flexibility in your hands.
All your products under our care are insured against theft, fire and water damage. In event of the unforeseen, we got you covered.