USA Fulfilment Solution

USA Fulfilment Solution

Expand your horizons. Ship door-to-door fast.

Expand your horizons. Ship door-to-door fast.

Effortless Shipping from China and Vietnam

Whether you are sourcing from China or Vietnam, we got you covered. From the time you confirm your purchase order with your supplier, we take over the process to collect, export, ship and deliver your shipment to destination.
For larger shipments, opt to ship using a combination of shipping methods – partially by express courier and the rest by air or sea freight. Don’t compromise on speed or cost, get the best of both worlds.

Choose to ship with your preferred express courier, or hunt for competitive rates. Elect to use express or economy service, whichever meets the urgency. Most importantly, we work fast. Don’t pay premium, and yet get slowed down.

For larger shipments above 500kgs volumetric weight, enjoy bulk shipping rates and save more with conventional air freight. Best of all, enjoy of the convenience of door-to-door shipping , and a single point of contact.

Sometimes shipping by air isn’t economical. We understand that. The bulk and weight of your products limits such options. Fear not, ocean shipping is most affordable. With LCL or FCL shipping, never pay for excess cost, just save more.

Pre-Shipment Preparation

We are local – let us coordinate with your supplier, to ensure all is in place before you ship. To meet import compliance into the US, your products need to be prep with the appropriate marks, labels and packaged for the vigor of transportation. Don’t leave the nitty gritty to good faith, but to the hands of locals who represents your best interest.

By liaising directly with your supplier, you don’t get lost in a pile of emails and miss out on critical information to make the shipping date. Because we are local, it makes it all the more easier. Not many vendors will bother, we take responsibility where other would not. Count on us to get it right.

FBA fees can be expensive, Unplanned Prep Fees cost even more. Products not packaged to meet FBA standards results in inbound processing delays. We know the ins and outs of FBA Prep, from ASIN or FNSKU labels, to approved packaging materials, to drop test and shake test. We know it well.

From purchase order to shipping, you might not see your products. What assurances are in place to keep your product quality consistent? Although an extra cost, a random test will keep your suppliers on their toes. Enforcing your purchase agreements can save you from poor reviews. You work hard to win the sales, multiply your efforts with repeat customers.


Dealing with compliance at origin and destination remotely is fraught with issues. Don’t leave the nitty gritty to good faith, but to the hands of the experienced who represents your best interest. We are local – let us coordinate with your supplier, to ensure all is in place before you ship, and see through the process at destination.

To determine US compliance, first identify your products’ classification under the HS (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System), then the corresponding HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule). With the right HTS code, we can check for other regulatory compliance requirements. Yes, it can be complicated. Fear not, we will walk you through the process, with clear results. Learn more about HS/HTS Codes. Contact us for help here.

Dealing with compliance documents in a foreign language is tough. Is it current or even authentic? You are not alone, we get it verified, so you don’t have to. Plus, we know what else is required from your supplier. Sometimes there are regulatory changes, when caught unaware, just means problems. So leave it with us, sit back and rest easy.

Do these abbreviations mean something to you – CPSC, FDA, USDA, FCC? Each has its specifics and nuances. Non-conformance and missing documents means time and additional cost. The right documents missing some details means the same. Familiarity and attention to details is what we do. Let’s get it right before you ship.

Importing into USA

Eager suppliers will ship your order in a flash, only to be stuck at port on arrival. While everything might look good on email, you run the risk of non-compliance, missing paperwork, wrong declaration, unexpected taxes and duties. It is experience that counts, to mitigate these risks before it happens.

Under normal circumstances, the receiver of a shipment acts as the consignee or importer. Otherwise, importing into the US requires an Importer-On-Record (IOR) – a legal entity registered with IRAS and a Customs Bond. Shipping to Amazon FBA requires both, unless shipped via express couriers. We know, that’s intimidating. We have the right solution. Talk to us to find out more.

It’s a tricky affair…from harmonized codes, to valuation, to duties payable, only professionals can tell you how. If you know your HTS code, you can check here for Customs Duties. Be aware that the many rules and exclusions make correct classification difficult. See here for Example. Ultimately, US Customs will determine the amount of duties levied for your shipment. Leave the guess work to us, for the best advice that will save your day.

At random, your shipment may be flagged and held by US Customs for a variety of reasons – discrepancies in value, weight, description versus classification, conformance, trade sanctions, security. Customs may request for additional information, documents, certificates. The hold is either released or escalated for physical examination. There is little to prevent such occurrences, as shipments are selected at random. In such cases, we stand ready to facilitate the necessary to see through the process.

Don’t take our word for it

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“Khi lượng sale qua Amazon của tôi tăng lên, tôi cần đơn vị cung cấp dịch vụ với các gói cước vận chuyển linh hoạt, đáp ứng được các nhu cầu khác nhau của mỗi đơn hàng. Vì vậy tôi liên hệ với Whitebox để vận chuyển hàng hóa sang Amazon bằng đường hàng không, đường biển với chi phí rất hợp lý và dịch vụ tận tâm, nhiệt tình.”

Nguyen Nam, Amazon Seller

Key Features

Multi Modal Freight
Ship by express courier, air or sea freight, or a combination to get optimum speed and cost. Best of both worlds delivered.
Compliance Advisory
With years of experience, we help you navigate the jungle to find the right HS/HTS codes and PGA compliance requirements with ease.
Cargo Consolidation
Achieve economies of scale, and save more when you consolidate cargo from multiple suppliers into a single shipment.
Prep, Kit, Assembly
Prepare your products for FBA, to meet compliance or for sale. Whether it’s marks, labels, or putting together a set, we get it done.
Door-to-Door Shipping
We see it all the way through. From supplier, to Amazon FBA or the end customer. We are your single point of contact from end to end.
Importer On Record
Yes, we do this – import on your behalf and deliver your shipment to Amazon FBA or direct to your distribution network.
Customs Clearance
Get your shipments cleared into the US with certainty. Qualified and experienced agents, ensure a timely and stress free experience.
Last Mile Delivery
Selling on eBay or Etsy made easy. Consolidate your sales orders, ship by bulk via air freight, for final delivery by domestic mail like USPS.