Your Pain Points Resolved

Outsource logistics solution that solves improves your retail operations. Grow your business and sell more with zero up front investment. Get on top of your inventory, know what is selling, and where. Improve your order processing time. Scale your cost to meet your sales in low and peak seasons.

Is your Operational Costs Scaling with your Sales?
Managing your own storage space means paying for fixed cost. Too much space in low season and too little space in high season. While store rent may not cost much, proper shelving and racking requires an investment. Still moving a mountain to find a needle?
Don’t Pay for Gaps
With Whitebox, you can optimize your storage cost to mirror your seasonal sales movement. Storage is calculated against actual product dimensions and inventory movement. Pay for what you use, and not air space you might need.
How much does 5% Inventory Lost cost you?
Managing inventory without robust software is prone to errors. A simple inventory software will keep product quantity count but without tracking product in-out movement and shelf location. Without skilled labour, proper inbound, outbound, returns process, inventory on paper will not match physical quantities.
Quantity Available: 1
What happens when the same product with quantity of 1 is listed on multiple online shops for sale? The truth is you might have forgotten about it, only to be reminded when you received multiple sales order for the last item.
Synchronize Your Inventory Automatically
With Whitebox, you can centralize and synchronize your inventory across multiple sales channels and stock locations. Manual updating of inventory is a thing of the past. Maximize sales opportunities without running the risk of overselling.
Last Mile Nightmare 
Are you building a customer service team to manage Missed or Failed Deliveries, or is that you? Coordinating deliveries between your customers and transporters can cost you more than time.
Take Back Time
Leverage off our customer support services to do the necessary to ensure your orders are shipped and received without hassle. Take back time and resources that is better deployed towards building your sales.
Shipped is the Start of Returns  
Wrong item. Wrong colour. Wrong size. Order Accuracy is the hallmark of Whitebox service levels. With 99.5% order accuracy, be sure to deliver the right order on time, without looking back.
Used, Damage or Fraud? 
With Cash-On-Delivery, the risk of disputes and rejected orders can be high. It takes a matured handling process to protect you from e-commerce fraud. From returns inspection, to documentary and photographic proof, we have the experience to keep you safe.

Multi Channel Fulfilment Solution

Manage your retail inventory through a single solution where you can replenish stock in your retail shops, deliver orders to distribution customers, and fulfil domestic and international e-commerce orders.

Multi Shop Retailing

Replenish  |  Transfer  |  Return

Managing multiple retail shops requires quick and frequent stock replenishments. Replenish exactly what you need.Reduce in-store storage and increase your merchandising space. Balance and transfer slow moving stocks between locations. Return out of season stock. Prepare your products for the sales floor & special events.
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Domestic Ecommerce

Inventory Sync  |  Pick & Pack  |  Returns Management

Never miss a sale. Synchronize your master inventory across all online shops. Whether it’s apparel, shoes, accessories, health, beauty or dry food, we handle it all. With same-day order processing and dispatch, delight your customers with lightning fast delivery. Rest assured returned orders are inspected and processed like the way you require.  
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Regional Distribution

Dedicated Storage  |  Bulk Processing  |  Inter-State Delivery

Reach all corners of Northern Vietnam without a physical presence. Nothing is more ideal than a dedicated storage space customized to meet the storage and movement for your products.  Whether it’s consumer or industrial products, we have a solution that works for you. Leverage off our vendor relationships to find suitable transportation and delivery that matches your needs.
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Amazon, Ebay & Etsy

Ship from China & Vietnam  |  Deliver to US, Europe, Japan<

Shipping is more than freight. Coordinating between source and destination countries to prep, ship and deliver your shipments is difficult. From export declaration to import compliance, the lack of knowledge means costly delays. Don’t expect the unexpected, work with professionals with years of experience to uncover the issues before your cargo is shipped.
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A Decade of Track Record that Counts

Whitebox has the capabilities and capacity to meet the demands and complexities of today’s growing brands

Retail Inventory Management Made Easy

Managing inventory across multiple retail shops and online stores….

  • Manage inventory by SKU, right down to style, colour and size

  • Move inventory by FIFO, LIFO, expiry date, batch or serial number

  • Replenish exactly what you need, when you need it

  • Repackage and brand your products for the sales floor

  • Prepare your products for sale – price tags, barcodes, security tags and more


Products We Work Wth

We work with many types of products and provide the right storage environment to maintain selling condition.

“We know that we run our business in a pretty unique and ad-hoc way, and all of the other solutions or companies we considered would have required us to change the way we ran our operations to be able to use or fit their solutions. With Whitebox, it was clear right from the beginning that they were willing to work with us on creating a unique solution that’s right for our business.”

Lim Mei Yi, JK-Gastro Pte Ltd, Singapore

Across Borders

Whether you are importing or exporting, let us take care of the nitty gritty details to get your shipments from door to door.

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Air Express

Got an urgent shipment? Ship it fast with TNT or UPS

Air Freight

Balance speed and cost to find the right shipping plan

Sea Freight

Get the most competitive prices with agency rates


Cut through the complexities, get your shipment cleared fast

Everything At Your Fingertips

INSYT is a cloud based platform built for retailers. Manage your inventory movement, sales and orders across your retail floor, e-commerce shops and e-marketplace stores. With 24/7 access and real-time tracking, stay on top of your business and keep your customers informed.

  • 24/7 Multi User Access

  • E-Commerce Integration

  • Real-Time Order Management

  • Real-Time Inventory Data

  • Real-Time Data Synchronisation

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Unified Control & Real-Time Visibility

Since 2007, Whitebox empowers retailers to liberate their time so that they can focus on growing their business while reducing unnecessary costs that can cripple their business.

Scalable Cost

With outsourced logistics, there is no fixed cost. Pay for what you use, and mirror your operational cost to your sales movement in low and peak seasons. 

Centralised Inventory

With a single master inventory, maximize your sales with real-time inventory synchronisation between your retail shops and online shops. Never miss a sale.

Channel Integration

With INSYT, connect your online shops on Shopify, Magento, and e-Marketplace shops like Facebook, Lazada and manage your orders and inventory all within a single platform.

Control & Visibility

With 24/7 multi user access, everyone in your organisation can track and manage sales, orders and inventory by sharing the same information. Best of all, it is free to use.